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Strategic software modules that you can use throughout your company. Combine the different modules and create 1 integrated platform. The challenge is to assemble the solution that takes your company to the next level. Curious about how you can do that?

InnoMeer software
Booking and scheduling

Booking and scheduling

Smartly book and reserve activities within your Family Entertainment Center. Whether you offer one or 100 activities, with IM-Booking you can easily make small and large bookings or sell tickets. The DeskManager offers the flexibility to quickly respond to any request.

In addition to all front-office activities, the DeskManager is also designed for the full back-office. You gain insight into the occupancy of all the activities you organize. With the push of a button, you can create the daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. So you always know what to expect, no surprises.

Online booking and payment

Online booking and payment

Online booking is a benefit for you and your guests. Online booking is always accessible and allows guests to independently plan and pay for their outing. Your available activities are shown in real time so that guests can create their own comprehensive program. Give guests the option to enhance their outing with various catering arrangements or other interesting upsells.

No more fear of double bookings. The real-time connection between the online booking tool and the back-office ensures that bookings are synchronized in real time.

Hospitality cash register

Hospitality cash register

An integrated hospitality and reservation cash register is the ideal solution for any leisure company. Don't be limited by integrations between different systems. With our integrated hospitality cash register, you can easily continue with the customer's reservation. This provides you with a simple flow from reservation to final invoice. Hospitality has direct access to the reservation and booked arrangements.

Make use of the smart hospitality modules for optimal service to the guest. The cash register can easily be expanded with QR code ordering software and handheld devices. All modules can be easily managed from the same tool. Adjustments to products and prices are instantly updated and processed throughout the system. At the end of the day, there is immediate full insight into important data such as revenue and cash register summaries.

Membership systems

Kiosk and membership systems

Guest registration and waiver signing don't have to be a complex process. With the kiosk, guests can easily register for the activities of their outing in advance or on-site.

With the kiosk, you can easily build your own customer database for your business. You ensure that you can stay in touch with your guests. In addition, you can implement memberships and loyalty to guarantee more guest retention.

Go-Kart Timing & Safety

Go-Kart Timing & Safety

Specialized software for managing a go-kart track. With IM Timing & Scoring, you can provide your guests with a unique racing experience with accurate lap times and personal scores. Allow drivers to admire their times and scores on TV screens, scoreboards, and even on the internet.

The kart software is easy to operate for your track staff, allowing them to fully focus on the track and safety. Do you want to make your track even safer? The track safety system detects accidents and reduces speed in dangerous areas.

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We develop more software than we can explain here. In addition to our own software, we also integrate with existing systems within your company. Are you interested? Contact us for questions or specific (automation) requirements. We always have time for you.

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